About Iconic

About Us

Iconic™ Engineering Limited, A join stock & Trademark Registered company. We were founded in 2010. Our objective is to support energy sector development for energy security, economic growth and climate change mitigation. As a Bangladesh’s leading company we focus exclusively on reducing inherent inefficiency and preventable risk across our countries’ most resource-intensive global industries like RMG, Power Plant, Gas Plant, Cement factory, Refinery, Pharmaceutical & others industries through our Energy Auditing, Green Building Consultancy, Non Distractive Testing (NDT), Condition Monitoring (CM), Proactive & Predictive Maintenance (PdM), etc services. Guided by a strong set of values, we deliver solutions to detect, reduce, and prevent inefficiency in Industrial and Advanced Technologies markets. For our product we represent the most renowned manufacturer over the world. In addition to expecting and receiving the highest quality products, over 1000 satisfied customers turn to us, because they know our commitment to their success comes first. With expert application understanding and a broad portfolio we are offering total solutions to optimize resource utilization for perpetual benefits of our customers, the nation and the society at large.

Our Mission

To provide insight and information to help our customers reduce risk and increasing efficiency in their most resource‐intensive processes. We believe that prevention is better than cure & all our jobs are indicating that prevention most.

Our Vision

Iconic™ Engineering Limited’s vision has been and always will be to provide only the highest quality service, solution & product available anywhere. This commitment to quality is also reflected in our engineering and customer service operations where no short cuts are taken and long term customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. To give our customers a competitive edge with minimum risk & reduce unwanted downtime as an associates to keep on efficiently optimize their processes.


As a company and employer we live our values and seek out opportunities to exemplify them by delivering as promised and doing our best work. Trust and Integrity – We operate ethically, in the spirit of fairness and by assuming the sincere motivations of others. We tell the truth, even if it is bad news, so together we can solve problems and achieve our collective goals. Communication – We support open, honest, continuous and transparent communications. We strive to be responsive, accountable and to act in the company’s best interest. Teamwork – The only way we realize the company’s vision and embody the company’s mission is to work together cooperatively with our global teams, giving rather than taking credit and taking calculated risks in order to get results. Respect – With mutual respect, we welcome healthy discussion and disagreement. We assume colleague competence and good intentions, which allows us to accept each other and work effectively together. Passion – By caring about what we do, we generate enthusiasm for our work and our goals; ultimately driving our culture of cohesiveness and productivity.