Electrical Calibration

Electrical Calibration

What is Electrical calibration?

Electrical calibration is a process used to ensure that electrical measuring instruments and equipment provide accurate and reliable readings. Calibration is essential in various industries, including electronics, telecommunications, power generation, and manufacturing etc, where precise measurements are crucial for quality control and compliance with standards.

Iconic Engineering Limited is your partner for precise electrical calibration services

At Iconic Engineering Limited, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner for world-class electrical calibration services. With our commitment to accuracy, reliability, and excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of calibration solutions that ensure your electrical equipment operates at peak performance. Our team of experienced professionals combines technical expertise with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Why choose us?

Our experienced engineers have in-depth knowledge of electrical calibration in a variety of industries. From industrial companies to research institutions, we have the expertise to meet various calibration requirements.

Advanced technology:
We invest in advanced calibration equipment that meets the latest industry standards. This enables us to perform precise calibrations and ensure that your instruments function accurately.

Customized solutions:
We understand that different industries have different requirements. Our calibration services can be tailored to your specific equipment and applications to ensure optimal results.

Accurate results:
At Iconic Engineering Limited, accuracy is our priority. Our meticulous calibration processes are designed to eliminate discrepancies, resulting in reliable and consistent measurement results.

Our services:

Electrical Equipment Calibration:
We specialize in the calibration of a wide range of electrical instruments, including multimeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and more.

Safety Compliance:
Calibration plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of your operation. We offer safety compliance calibrations to help you meet industry regulations and standards.

Our experts fine-tune your equipment to ensure its optimal performance, increase productivity, and reduce errors.

Certification and documentation:
You receive comprehensive documentation of calibration results and certificates, which are essential for audits and quality controls.

On-site and off-site calibration:
We offer you the option to calibrate both on-site to minimize disruption to operations and off-site in our advanced facility.

Our Electrical Calibration Scope:

  1. Digital Multimeter
  2. Digital Clamp Meter
  3. Digital Loop Calibrator
  4. Process Calibrator
  5. Insulation Tester
  6. Earth Ground Tester
  7. Insulation Tester
  8. RCB Tester
  9. Hipot Tester
  10. Relay Tester
  11. Electrical Safety Analyzer
  12. Multiproduct Calibrator
  13. Reference Multimeter
  14. Thermocouple Calibrator
  15. RTD Calibrator
  16. Signal Generator

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