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The world's greatest IoT-based lightning protection solution is provided by Iconic Engineering Ltd. It has an Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal (ESEAT), which has the widest coverage area and the highest accuracy in stopping strikes, hence lowering risk in the area it covers. It meets with the National French Standard NFC 17-102 for Standard Covers. It is accredited by a number of bodies, including UL, CE, ISO, Bureau Veritas, etc.

Drawing & Design
We offer professional design & drawing for the thunder protection system. We have an in-house expert designer. We almost served 302+ industry and home drawing & design with 7 years of experience.
Supply & Installation
When supply & installation comes that is the top priority for us. We have a professional thunder protection system team for supply and installation.
We have many experts for consultancy. Most of the time we provide this for our customers. The most important thing that we always want to provide the best consultancy free of cost.
Maintenance is one of the prime parts for keeping everything up and running. We take care of these issues with the maintenance team. After installation, we also provide the maintenance instructions.

Thunder Protection System Services

Thunderstorms or lightning protection systems' purpose is to shield buildings from mechanical or fire damage as well as to shield occupants from harm, including fatalities. External lightning protection (lightning protection/earthing) and interior lightning protection make up a lightning protection system overall surge protection.

Digital LPS

Digital LPS

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Conventional LPS

Conventional LPS

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Best Features

The highest level of performance and security, ESEAT receives faultless and precise timing from Optimax Technology. ESE Air Terminal Repairable This airport terminal's entire structure is interchangeable for a long-term investment. Different Charge Capacitors After each other Even in the worst lightning situations, you will be completely protected thanks to these 5 backup charge capacitors. Without external wiring, power, or an internet connection, an IOT-based online remote monitoring system is used. Integrated Soler module Online communication doesn't require an external power source or data connection.

Optimax Technology

To ensure the highest performance and protection dependability, provide ESEAT a flawless and accurate timing.

Reparable ESE Air Terminal

This air terminal's components can all be replaced for a long-term investment.

Multiple change capacitor

Back-to-back 5 Backup change capacitors to ensure your utmost safety even in the worst lighting conditions.

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IoT-Based online remote monitoring system

Without any external cabling power and internet connection.

Built-in solar module

No external power on data connection is required for online communication limitless web communication & centralized dashboard for efficient monitoring


  1. Bureau Veritas certificate ( Both for NF C 17 102:2011, Annex C and ISO 9001 : 2015 (Quality System)
  2. Qualifoudre
  3. CE Marking
  4. Underwriter Laboratories (UL)
  5. Eco -label

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